Design of 3-stages Parallel Cascade Micro-ring Resonator Type of Interleave Filter for Optical Communication Application

  Yudi Yuliyus Maulana (1*), Dadin Mahmudin (2)

(1) Indonesian Institute of Sciences - Indonesia
(2) Indonesian Institute of Sciences - Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author

Received: June 24, 2016; Revised: June 24, 2016
Accepted: June 24, 2016; Published: June 29, 2016

How to cite (IEEE): Y. Y. Maulana,  and D. Mahmudin, "Design of 3-stages Parallel Cascade Micro-ring Resonator Type of Interleave Filter for Optical Communication Application," Jurnal Elektronika dan Telekomunikasi, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 66-70, Jun. 2016. doi: 10.14203/jet.v15.66-70


Filter will be one of the most important components of the next generation of optical communications. Micro-ring resonators have been widely studied as a potential device for dense wavelength filter due to its advantages. In this paper, a waveguide-based microring-resonator type of interleave filter is investigated. The cascade structure is applied to obtain better characteristics of filter spectra. Our calculation shows that, compared with 2-stage or 4-stage cascade, 3-stage cascaded microring resonator has better performance with pass-band width of 22 GHz, ripple ratio < 1 dB, crosstalk of -33 dB for 1×2 interleaver and -24 dB for 1×4 interleaver. Numerical calculation also clearly shows that general optical waveguide types is reasonable as microring resonator with insertion loss < 2 dB



interleave filter; wavelength splitter; microring resonator

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