Performance Evaluation of A2-A4-RSRQ and A3-RSRP Handover Algorithms in LTE Network

       Hendrawan Hendrawan, Ayu Rosyida Zain, Sri Lestari


In LTE Network, users can move freely in the network through fast and seamless handover (HO). This research focuses on intra-LTE handover which occurs using interface X2 to move an EU between two eNBs, i.e. source eNB and target eNB without any changes in MME and SGW at EPC level. Two popular algorithms of intra-LTE handover namely A2-A4-RSRQ and A3-RSRP were evaluated and compared through simulations as well as direct measurements in the field. Simulation is conducted using NS3 simulation tool where performances of various scenarios from both algorithms were evaluated. The performance metrics studied include the average number of HOs that occur, throughput and optimized ratio. Simulations carried out for various scenarios in term of EU numbers, user speeds, and channel conditions. In addition, the results of one-month measurement of three eNBs were also presented. The measurement results are then compared and used to verify the simulation results. Furthermore, by using the optimizing ratio metric, the optimal pair of parameter values of Threshold as well as Offset and Handover Margin (HOM) along with Time-to-Trigger (TTT) are sought for the A2-A4-RSRQ and A3-RSRP respectively.



LTE; Intra-LTE Handover; A2-A4-RSRQ; A3-RSRP

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